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Postby chernandezba » Wed, 19.08.2020 21:46:50

New ZEsarUX stable version 9.0! This year 2020 is being a bit terrible because the pandemic, so we need to cheer up with this little gift, right? ;)

You will find, as always, compiled versions for Linux, Mac, Windows and... big news, FreeBSD! The source code is available, of course. Remember ZEsarUX is open source software, licensed on GNU GPL, and no cost!

Download it from https://github.com/chernandezba/zesarux ... es/tag/9.0


Version 9.0 - Turbo Esprit edition. 17 August 2020

Added new emulated machines:
-Spectravideo 318/328
-Sega SG-1000

Added new compiled version: FreeBSD
Added support for compilation on Haiku
Added emulation of AY chip MIDI registers 14 & 15 and route them to an external MIDI device
Added browser for quicksave snapshots
Added save screen to bmp feature
Added menu to download ZEsarUX extras
Added Windows icon
Added F key to toggle top cpu speed
Added F key to pause/unpause tape
Added setting to rotate output tape when selecting tape that already exists
Added setting to resample audio output to 1 bit
Added showing yesterday ZEsarUX users

Improved emulation: use a slightly less cpu on every scanline
Improved compilation script: allow to set different C compiler
Improved compiler versions: now all releases are compiled with optimizations, they use lot of less cpu than before

Improved menu:
-Allow some windows to be running on the background, all at the same time. This makes the menu environment more powerful!
-Active windows are saved and restored on startup
-Pressing the menu key (F5 by default) when menu is open, it will send you back to the main menu. Also pressing over Z logo on ext desktop
-Some window hotkeys can be pressed with mouse click (example: Debug CPU Window, File utilities, View Sprites, Hex Editor, Disassemble)
-Improved some interface fonts in sizes smaller than 8 pixel width
-Added GUI Styles: MSX, Solarized Dark & Light
-Added setting to select machine by name instead by manufacturer
-Added setting to disable showing cpu temperature, or FPS on footer
-Added keyboard help window for all machines
-Footer FPS warns in red colour when FPS low

Improved Visualmem:
-added MMC Read/Write views
-added "Defrag style" setting

Improved debugging:
-Added breakpoint action "reset-tstatp"
-Added SEG0, SEG1, ... SEG7 variables to match TBBlue MMU pages
-Added IN() function to read a port in the breakpoint parser
-Added key to execute a RET

Improved ZRCP:
-Allow to write commands in "". Not all commands support this
-Added save-binary command, to save binary data to a file
-Added save-screen command, to save machine screen to a file

Improved Esxdos handler:
-Added f_mkdir function
-Added configuration setting to save local work directory

Improved TBBlue emulation:
-Added Layer2 modes 320x256 and 640x256
-Added 4bpp sprites
-Enable Timex video by default
-Legacy hi-res and border effects disabled by default. Reduces up to 13% cpu use or gain 17 FPS on my environment
-Reduced a bit cpu usage (2% cpu less on my environment) when rendering scanlines
-Added altrom feature: now 48k and 128k mode works again
-Emulate register 0x8E (142) => Spectrum 128K Memory Mapping
-Allow to download a 512 MB TBBlue SD official card (allowed download sizes: 32MB, 128MB, 512MB, 2 GB)
-Allow paths with backslashes on esxdos handler

Improved Chloe emulation:
-Supports CPU speed setting via the ZX-Uno SCANDBLCTRL register
-Load unodos3.rom as the default divmmc firmware
-Added chloehd.mmc in the extras package

Fixed rom loading: no more cpu panic when the rom is not found
Fixed SCF/CCF undocumented flags emulation. Not enabled by default on compilation because almost no one is using this
Fixed saving "Show CPU usage" setting on footer
Fixed using tab and backspace keys in curses driver
Fixed segfaults when using some memory zones and changing machine
Fixed segfaults when setting breakpoints from config file and machine is QL
Fixed segfaults when changing machines and resizing windows
Fixed segfaults on Esxdos handler when using a file handler that was a directory
Fixed loading zsf snapshot and ay registers
Fixed network bug when downloading file and redirecting to another url
Fixed Visualmem window size when char size < 8
Fixed Accessibility bug reading transparent windows

Fixed ZRCP bugs:
-Fixed possible crash when disconnecting socket
-Using cpu-history ZRCP command no longer fires additional MRA conditions

Fixed tbblue bugs:
-Fixed 8 first lines of tiles on border not shown
-Fixed text mode (1 bit tile)
-Fixed reading palette colours. That fixes returning from multiface nmi
-Fixed reading clipping values
-Fixed screensaver
-Fixed tbblue memory priorities
-Fixed tbblue diviface - mmu priority
-Fixed layer2 mode 2 scroll

Some other minor bugfixes and improvements


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