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Postby chernandezba » Tue, 13.03.2018 20:31:25


I have uploaded a new BETA version of ZEsarUX. I have moved from Sourceforge to Github, so this beta release can be found at
https://github.com/chernandezba/zesarux ... 1-13032018

Like other beta versions, there are executable packages for Windows and Mac. Linux and other operating system users, must compile from source code

Last stable versions 6.0 and 5.0 have already been moved to Github. Older releases are still held on sourceforge but will also be moved soon.

Changes from the last beta on January:

Added improved Spectrum 16/48/+ colour palette
Added setting to add a watermark on the display
Added setting to reduce display to a factor of 0.75. Used on RunZX event
Added TSConf DMA emulation, line interrupt, sprites layers
Added ZX Recreated keyboard support for Linux, Mac and Windows
Improved frameskip: now realvideo buffer is not updated when frameskip
Improved ZRCP: run command is stopped by default when pressing a key (or sending data to the socket)
Improved TSConf rendering: now tiles and sprites are drawn per scanline. Border drawing. Handling of scroll registers
Improved TSConf debugging: debug for DMA, Video registers, Video layers, Sprites, Tiles
Improved text mode drivers (aalib, stdout, simpletext, curses): text settings are in different submenu, setting to set stdout/simpletext fps
Improved smartload: now the cursor remembers last file loaded
Improved sprite viewer:
*now can see sprites with speccy screen format
*you can view sprites up to 512x192
*you can see tsconf sprites
Improved configuration parsing: if unknown setting found on configuration file, ZEsarUX will open but warns about the error, and the autosave feature is not enabled
Improved TBBlue emulation: Added clip window registers
Improved rendering on text mode drivers: now realvideo mode can render directly to black&white text. Try TSConf with --vo stdout --realvideo --autoredrawstdout
Improved Linux library dependencies: libssl is not enabled by default on compilation
Fixed some crashes with speech enabled and opening some menus: AY Registers, AY Player, etc...
Fixed annoying sound on Dandanator rom menu

You can see the full changelog here:
https://github.com/chernandezba/zesarux ... /Changelog

I hope you like it :)


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Postby TS-Labs » Tue, 13.03.2018 21:22:37

Well done! =)
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