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Postby moroz1999 » Thu, 31.08.2017 23:07:29

ZX-Spectrum works from Chaos Constructions 2017 ... tions-2017

General graphics compo

Image Image Image
Image Image Image

Party-related works

Image Image Image

Realtime graphics

Image Image Image

General music compo

Chin Up by Quiet - mp3
Fight 4 the lite by Fatal Snipe - mp3
Not Yet Time by MmcM - mp3
kugelblitz by nq - mp3
neverland by Scalesmann - mp3
in utero we live by Scalesmann - mp3
Some Small CompoFiller by TmK - mp3
Tale of the lone Fairy by garvalf - mp3
Des-pa-cito by aGGreSSor - mp3

Works from related releases from party

Over Relaxed (final theme) by Quiet - mp3
a thunder before the light by Scalesmann - mp3

Beeper music compo

Stick Work by Darkman007
Valse de la Sorcière by garvalf - mp3
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Postby Alex Rider » Sat, 02.09.2017 22:50:22

Будет ли обзор творчества от тебя?
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Postby VBI » Sun, 03.09.2017 11:12:21

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Postby moroz1999 » Mon, 04.09.2017 14:30:15

И по демо еще пару мыслей выложил.
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