need help fixing a quroum

Железо для спектрум-совместимых машин

Postby soviet » Fri, 21.07.2017 19:18:27

hi guys i have acquired a brand new quorum 128+
after using it some minutes the psu got hot very very hot
after testing find this ic shorted
upload your photo

someones knows what is and if there western equivalent
the computer works but have no ay sound and the floppy drive don't spin :bang:
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Postby WBC » Fri, 21.07.2017 20:04:29

КД238 <-> MBR1545CT or any other diode with 1->2<-3 pinout, 15 A or higher max current and 45 V or higher max peak voltage

by the way, using AT\ATX power supply or any other modern PSU is of course better ;) Also it is worth to check PCB for shortcircuits between power/ground lanes.
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Postby soviet » Fri, 21.07.2017 20:40:30

thanks for your reply i could love replace the old psu for a atx one but i dont have the pinouts im not sure of the input voltage
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Postby TS-Labs » Sat, 22.07.2017 03:14:14

I advice to use multimeter to measure voltage supplied. Don't thank.
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Postby soviet » Sun, 23.07.2017 01:26:40

Got the replacement diodes and fixed it now works like charm ;)
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