Is the music in ZX Art free to use in other projects?


Postby Andy Green » Tue, 21.08.2018 22:43:15

Hello all!

A friend of mine is developing a new game for Windows with ZX Spectrum graphics. He would like some AY tunes befitting the game. Is the music within the ZX Art database free to use or would the music creator(s) need to be asked if it's ok to use?

Many thanks for any help/advice. :D
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Postby Ldaborc » Sat, 25.08.2018 20:26:13

I think it is better to ask the author permission to use his song, but if he doesn't respond then I think you can use with reference to the author and the site where the melody was taken.
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Postby moroz1999 » Sat, 01.09.2018 23:30:18

Most of works are from period of time when almost nobody thought about copyright really. If author didn't have any works published in last 10 years, then chances are they don't care anymore and mostly cannot even be contacted at all.
You can write the author names here - may be some of us would be able to find some traces.

It would even be better to contact active authors, some of them would be really glad to help and write some music exclusively for the game, I'm sure.
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