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PostPosted: Sat, 30.01.2016 19:58:25
by pixelblip
Hello. Please excuse this as I can't speak Russian and had to use Google Translate!

I am interested in starting some Spectrum Art. I was wondering, what graphics packages do artists use for producing work? Especially one that offers lots of dithering. And maybe let's you use a mouse ( that is cheating I know!)

I have had a look at OCP Art Studio and The Artist III. Do you all use those native programs or do you prefer a pc graphics package?

I am really wanting something that will let me dither in lots of patterns.....

It's a great website.
Thanks for your advice!

Здравствуйте. Пожалуйста, простите это, как я не могу говорить на русском и пришлось использовать Google Translate !

Я заинтересован в открытии некоторые Spectrum Art. Мне было интересно, то, что графические пакеты сделать использование художник для получения работы ? Особенно тот, который предлагает много сглаживания . И , может быть, давайте вы используете мышь ( что обманывает я знаю! )

Я имел взгляд на OCP Art Studio и художник III . Вы все эти родные использовать программы или вы предпочитаете ПК графический пакет ?

Я действительно хотел что-то , что позволит мне смятение во многих моделей .....

Это отличный сайт .
Спасибо за ваш совет!
Zdravstvuyte. Pozhaluysta, prostite eto, kak ya ne mogu govorit' na russkom i prishlos' ispol'zovat' Google Translate !

YA zainteresovan v otkrytii nekotoryye Spectrum Art. Mne bylo interesno, to, chto graficheskiye pakety sdelat' ispol'zovaniye khudozhnik dlya polucheniya raboty ? Osobenno tot, kotoryy predlagayet mnogo sglazhivaniya . I , mozhet byt', davayte vy ispol'zuyete mysh' ( chto obmanyvayet ya znayu! )

YA imel vzglyad na OCP Art Studio i khudozhnik III . Vy vse eti rodnyye ispol'zovat' programmy ili vy predpochitayete PK graficheskiy paket ?

YA deystvitel'no khotel chto-to , chto pozvolit mne smyateniye vo mnogikh modeley .....

Eto otlichnyy sayt .
Spasibo za vash sovet!

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PostPosted: Sat, 30.01.2016 20:37:27
by introspec
Hi pixelblip. It is great to have more people interested in Spectrum graphics. I think your best bet would actually be to register on two more websites:

1. - this site was created by ZX Spectrum artists for ZX Spectrum artists. Their goal is to create the fullest collection of Spectrum art possible. You will find ahuge amount of inspiration there and, also, you can steal an idea or two. Also, many great artists are registered there and may answer more technical questions about their or someone elses work.

2. - this is a magazine/blog platform for primarily Russian-speaking demoscene. However, quite a few people there can speak English, so it may be a good place to ask questions. Specifically, the post attempts to answer many questions of the kind that you asked here. Feel free to ask questions if Google Translate does not its job properly!

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PostPosted: Sat, 30.01.2016 21:07:54
by g0blinish
pixelblip wrote:Do you all use those native programs or do you prefer a pc graphics package?

only PC.
pixelblip wrote:I am really wanting something that will let me dither in lots of patterns.....

what kind of dither?

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PostPosted: Sat, 30.01.2016 22:30:55
by moroz1999
Hello pixelblip! I'm using zxgfx - kinda buggy, but suits me best. It has dithering brushes as well.
If you prefer real hardware, then I suggest BGE.

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PostPosted: Sat, 30.01.2016 22:32:29
by pixelblip
Well I notice in lots of images there are many different 'grades' of I explaining that right? ;)

When I used GRAFX2 all I could see was 1 type of dither - but sometimes you need more patterns than the standard 'chess board' mesh pattern ......

It might help if someone could recommend what programs they use to create these images.....

Also for the gigascreen images what do people use to paint those generally? Does everyone do their art on PCS or do they use Spectrum Art programs generally?

Thanks for your help.

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PostPosted: Sat, 30.01.2016 22:34:07
by pixelblip
Ah thank you everyone.... yes BGE I remember seeing that - I will try your recommendations.

There is something so colourful vibrant about Spectrum images, you just don't get it with the C64 do you!

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PostPosted: Sat, 30.01.2016 22:36:25
by pixelblip
ZXGFX07 looks really good thank you! It does Giga as well......hopefully I can start ! Thanks :)

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PostPosted: Sat, 30.01.2016 22:37:31
by moroz1999
pixelblip wrote:When I used GRAFX2 all I could see was 1 type of dither - but sometimes you need more patterns than the standard 'chess board' mesh pattern ......

The most accurate way is to put dither manually :) Not the quickest one, so it's clever to combine different techniques, like using texture fill/dither brush for big sketches and zoom+manual work for small details.
BGE can do gigascreen on real ZX, it keeps two screens and can show the result. There was also some Art-Studio version for doing this.
Most popular editor for Gigascreen is multiArtist, it can also do Gigascreen + Multicolor images. I used ZXGFX for last gigascreen, works also well.

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PostPosted: Sat, 30.01.2016 22:38:31
by moroz1999
Will you show us the results? :)

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PostPosted: Sat, 30.01.2016 22:53:55
by pixelblip
Yes if I get anywhere! I am inspired.....that is for sure! I am least I think so!

I remember using some Spectrum Art programs many years ago - 'Animator 1' by Softcat Micros! That is a long time ago now....that had some great pictures on it.

Really you have to dither manually? Arrgh! That sounds so hard! I guess that is the true pixeller isn't it!

The only problem I have with ZXGFX is that I can't see if you can select bigger brushes more than 1 pixel?

You have given me lots of good advice....thank you everyone.....

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PostPosted: Sun, 31.01.2016 01:46:05
by moroz1999
You surely can :)

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PostPosted: Sun, 31.01.2016 11:00:14
by pixelblip
How did I miss that! Great.....thank you.

I was trying to get Burial Graphics editor working but I gave up - I tried "Fuse' on OS X and it crashes......opening the Burial .trd file.

I tried another emulator (Speccy Portable) but still couldn't get it to Autoload and run so gave up last night.....does anyone have any tips for getting it working please?

I'm really excited by all this Spectrum's great when you get a platform like the Spectrum when people start to push it to new limits.......I am tempted to get one of those clones

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PostPosted: Wed, 03.02.2016 22:43:36
by pixelblip
Sorry to ask this last question again - which emulator will the Burial Graphics Editor work on please? I really would like take a look at it.....

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PostPosted: Thu, 04.02.2016 05:42:47
by g0blinish

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PostPosted: Sat, 06.02.2016 20:16:48
by pixelblip
Thanks...I tried that but I couldn't get it going - it must be me.....I couldn't work out how to run it