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Download for printing (A4 300dpi)

PostPosted: Tue, 25.07.2017 18:47:14
by Jaff
As a sugestion resizing image to fit in a printing A4 paper should be made without smoothing, at least in case of normal 256x192 screen$, with a fixed 12x magnification. Now is used 12,0859375 x 12,0885416 for current 3094x2321 image of screen$.

A4 paper = 3508 x 2480 pixels for 300DPI
256x12=3072 pixels. The remaining 436 pixels are used for left-right border. 218 per side.
192x12=2304 pixels. The remaining 176 pixels are used for top and bottom border.

Current size of image is 3094x2321. border is 35px top / 206px left/ 208px right / 127px bottom

Sugested image size: 3072x2304 with borders: 40 px top/218px left / 218px right / 136px bottpm
The description of image remain on the same position.

The main advantage of this is a 1) clear printing image, 2) smaller filesize of image due to less colors usage. In most cases 8bit PNGs can be produced (considerable smaller than 24bit). Have a nice day!

Re: Download for printing (A4 300dpi)

PostPosted: Thu, 27.07.2017 12:45:59
by nodeus
Yep, thats right. By the way, i have some research for zx palette separation to CMYK print colors

Re: Download for printing (A4 300dpi)

PostPosted: Fri, 28.07.2017 00:48:44
by moroz1999
Thanks! I'll take a look at it. At the moment I'm operating in centimeters, which is why the sizes are a bit weird in pixels, so I'll change the procedure to fit the image in some other way.