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ZX Spectrum Next

PostPosted: Sun, 07.05.2017 05:01:59
by olifiers
Всем привет!

My name is Henrique, and I'm a ZX Evolution user (and fan) for a few years now. I haven't been active in the forum as my Russian is non-existent, and Google Translate is... well... Anyway, the reason for my first post here is to shout about our project, the ZX Spectrum Next -- it has been fully funded on Kickstarter in less than 48 hours, and still going. Hope you find it interesting, we've been working on it for a year: ... trum-next/


Hope you find it interesting, looking forward to finding out what you think of it. ;)

Re: ZX Spectrum Next

PostPosted: Sun, 07.05.2017 10:05:09
by VBI
Hi Henrique Olifiers!
Welcome to our Enhance forum ;)
If you have technical documents about new possibilities of Next - please, post it

We need all current docs about coding "256 colours sprite modes and hardware scrolling" and so on from Victor, like our hardware bible XD
and, may be, you have an emulator for research?

Re: ZX Spectrum Next

PostPosted: Sun, 07.05.2017 11:17:57
by TS-Labs
Hola, Henrique. Bienvenido a nuestro foro.
Aqui puedes hacer pruguntas sobre hardware de clones ZX de ex-URSS. Hablamos ruso en principal, pero entendemos ingles y respondemos igualmente. Yo hablo espanol tambien.
Tu proyecto es interesante, lo seguiremos. A tu - suerte con ello!

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PostPosted: Sun, 07.05.2017 18:50:03
by MVV

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PostPosted: Sun, 07.05.2017 19:52:33
by olifiers
@VBI: Indeed, we're putting the docs together and the portal will go live soon after the Kickstarter finishes, there's a lot of translation from Portuguese to be done (Victor and Fabio are from Brazil -- love the international retro community!)

@TS-Labs: Gracias! Thanks for the good wishes!

@MVV: Absolutely, that's one of the advantages of Open Source after all. We wouldn't be here without the inspiration and work of those who came before us, we need to make it as easier as possible for those who come after. :D

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PostPosted: Mon, 08.05.2017 10:13:01
by VBI
olifiers, if your team want demos for Next - give docs and emul to our team ;)
and - what with bright?
Video from :

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PostPosted: Mon, 08.05.2017 22:53:00
by moroz1999

I've got a pair of questions too:
1. Is the color palette from videos a final choice? Colors seem to be really weird for me, difference between bright/non-bright is too large. Using "pulsar" palette is much much closer to original ZX.
2. Crystal Kingdom Dizzy sound has a weird noise on a background. Is it just an audio recording problem or something goes wrong with AY itself?
3. Does it always work on 7mhz? Is there a classic speed mode (3.5mhz)?

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PostPosted: Thu, 11.05.2017 18:37:27
by Sergey78
VBI wrote:olifiers, if your team want demos for Next - give docs and emul to our team ;)
and - what with bright?
Video from :

В дримвалкере и зинапсе точно не 7 МГц. У дримвалкера на 7 МГц мультиколор слетит, а у зинапса скорость игры в 2 раза выше будет и играть будет невозможно.

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PostPosted: Wed, 17.05.2017 00:37:02
by olifiers
Hi VBO, moroz,

The weird brightness has to do with my camera (the video was captured from the monitor using a Canon 700D, so also the monitor settings are at play), live it doesn't look quite like that. The noise in the sound is also the Canon 700D's doing: I've hooked the audio out of the Next to the camera's MIC in, so when there's silence the camera amplifies the input to capture anything. This is my bad, I should have turned off the 'AUTO' function on the MIC input. Lastly, the Next works at 3.5MHz and 7MHz, chosen by either configuring boot mode on the settings; pressing F8 on the external keyboard; or using an OUT command to switch between the modes.

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PostPosted: Thu, 18.05.2017 13:46:26
by moroz1999
Hi Henrique and thanks for reply!
It's all clear now, we will talk about palette a little bit later again, I think.

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PostPosted: Sun, 21.05.2017 09:06:52
by VBI
My name is Vladimir (Hacker VBI on Speccy scene)
As I know, You work hard on new Speccy hardware enhancements like new video modes, sprites and other sweet things.

We, me and TSL for few years promote TS Config as new "ZX Enhanced" system
May be You're interested, how this system work and what does it look like?

all system source -
demos, games:

My Wifi client (for esp8266) for this platform:

Let me know if you're interested

Happy in your life!
With best wishes from Ukraine, Vladimir.

... few day later ...

Hey Vladimir, sorry for the delay. This last KS days are being crazy...

I already saw ZX Evo and TS-Config, I mean, I've seen it a couple of times, impressive work, congrats! (Henrique has one of these at home).
I'd love to be able to include it in some future firmware version, if that's possible or at least some support on Next.

This next week I will be working at the Next new website, but after that I will take a good look at your source.

Thanks for the support and the kind offer!

Best regards,

Re: ZX Spectrum Next

PostPosted: Fri, 08.06.2018 12:07:34
by idxi
:wow2: What was it? :)

Re: ZX Spectrum Next

PostPosted: Fri, 19.07.2019 17:01:15
by em00k

Sorry to dig this up - I saw Henrique had posted and you guys asked about docs and emulator.

Well yes there are extensive docs and a decent emulator!

The emulator is a "dev" emu but good for most work. ...

There are docs here : (in the wiki)

The Next features some nice HW such as sounddrive / turbosound / DMA / Rasterline interrupt / Sprites / HW tilemap. Its a beautiful machine to work on.

There is also support for Pentagon modes but the emulator does not support that.

If you have more questions please do not hesitate to ask.